VIEWERS of BBC2's SAS Are You Tough Enough saw a Bromley firefighter pushed to the limits of his endurance.

Twenty five-year-old Stuart Crispin was a key player in the three-week series which tested the bodies and minds of 29 competitors.

The firefighter, of Overbury Avenue, Beckenham, managed to reach the last eight, finally finishing fifth overall following the exercises in the Scottish highlands.

He said: "I went there to prove I could get through the physical stuff, and I did."

"One of the toughest things was sitting waiting for hours on end for the BBC camera crews to sort themselves out.

"Every time they filmed me I was having a laugh. You're never sure when the cameras are on. They had a bit of a go at me after they said they saw me messing around. They said I was immature' and a lunatic'."

He added: "I spoke to the SAS guy afterwards and he said he was surprised I didn't do better. But I was there to enjoy myself and I did."