HEALTH chiefs took tips from Bromley residents on how to make services in the borough more "patient-focused".

A meeting held in the Bromley Civic Centre last Wednesday gave residents the opportunity to voice their concerns.

The main topics discussed were waiting lists, waiting times, learning disabilities and mental health.

Representatives from Bromley Primary Care Trust (PCT), social services and hospitals were there to listen to people's problems and try to come up with solutions.

Project manager for the PCT's applied research unit Olwen Wade-Jones said: "We want healthcare in Bromley to become more patient-focused, which is part of the Government's NHS Modernisation Strategy.

"By listening to what residents want, we can develop services and improve partnerships between health agencies."

The meeting was chaired by Petra Willoughby, who is chairman of Bromley Community Links, a community health organisation.

November 16, 2001 12:39