Ghosts' tales

In reference to D W Fairbairn's letter (News Shopper September 19) I wish to reply to his/her comments. The answer to the question of ghosts is obvious to me. We all live and we all die. No doubt D W Fairbairn will find out one day. Most of the population have different faiths, each should be respected as such, whether it is conventional or otherwise. Ignorance is not an excuse. If D W Fairbairn wishes to find out the answer to the question, I suggest he/she read books like the Bible.


Vicarage Road


Worst council?

The refusal by Dartford Borough Council to introduce wardens in our parks leads me to ask the question: "Is this the worst Dartford Council in my lifetime?" The answer must be "yes". Born in Dartford more than 80 years ago, I was free to walk the woods, the fields and, of course, I often walked miles alone at night. There was no fear. Now children and elderly people cannot walk in our parks because of fear. People are afraid. Any council that fails to protect the people it represents, is unworthy of office.



Just hypocrisy

It is sheer hypocrisy for Bexley Council to object to the expansion of the Tesco's store, on the pretext that it could affect the viability of Sidcup town centre which is trying to build up. Councils have watched and allowed the town centre to deteriorate while concentrating on the so-called "jewel in the crown" Bexleyheath town centre. The final straw is to allow the old cinema to be used as a nightclub. It will certainly enhance Sidcup with graffiti and vandalism mirroring what happened in Erith town centre years ago.


The Crescent


Waste not ...

Dartford Borough Council is not only the most wasteful, it's funny with it. They put a cycle track on half of the pavement in Park Road, There is about 200 yards of this track and in those 200 yards there are three very, very solid objects. There is about 30 yards of ample track in Hesketh Park, where to my knowledge there is a by-law forbidding the riding of cycles.


Park Road


October 5, 2001 16:45