March 21, 2001 9:54: IT had been quite a while since I had visited one of my favourite pubs in SE London. Although it is not customary for me to re-review places, in this instance I feel that a fresh write up on the Duke of Edinburgh or "the Dook" as it is known by some is well deserved.

This pub sits quite anonymously on the Lee High Road in Lee Green next to Sainsburys and the closed-down police station. (Which, oddly, had police vans going in and out every time I went past) Most people don't give this place a second glance as they drive past either on their way to central London, or on their way out to Eltham and beyond. But let me tell you, that I think this place is well worth a look-in next time you're feeling thirsty.

The Duke of Edinburgh as I used to remember it was a friendly yet quiet pub. Although it was never a threatening silence, you did occasionally wonder if it could be a bit more lively sometimes.

However, a Sunday afternoon visit recently totally changed my perception of the place. Instead of being the quiet and reserved local drinkers' retreat, the Duke has become party central for Lee Green.

While the nearby Old Tigers Head does a good line in live rock music of a weekend, I was astounded to wander in to what resembled a busy Saturday session at 5pm on a Sunday afternoon.

Loud rock musicians were playing a blistering live set and although the music is not strictly speaking my sort of thing, I was quite pleasantly surprised by the whole thing.

The Irish contingent here is obviously quite strong. Although I didn't get a chance to look in on the St Patricks Day celebrations over the weekend, I should imagine they were pretty raucous.

With the prices at such low levels, it is hard to believe you are pretty much in the inner city.

A pint of Greene King IPA is still priced at well under £2 as it should be across the rest of the capital.

While it might not be the place to go if you're suffering indigestion after Sunday lunch, or for a quiet chat with your nearest and dearest, you are guaranteed a real genuine good-vibe atmosphere.

It's not too bad during the week either.