February 20, 2001 11:39: POP singer Mica Paris has appealed for help in catching the killer of her brother, who was gunned down near Croydon, on Valentine's Day.

Postman Jason Philips, 33, from West Wickham, was killed after being chased by a gunman along Oak Avenue, in Shirley, before being shot several times in the chest, at close range.

He crawled to the door of a nearby house, crying out: "I'm dying, I'm dying."

Mr Philips later died at the Royal London Hospital.

Police are looking for a black man seen driving away from the scene in a blue Volkswagen Golf.

They believe the shooting was the result of a row over Mr Philips' girlfriend.

In an interview with BBC news, his sister Mica Paris, who had a 1988 hit with My One Temptation, said: "This type of black-on-black crime must stop.

"I will not rest until he (the killer) is caught and made to answer for his heartless crime."

Detective Superintendent Adrian Maybanks said: "This was a domestic incident involving a row over Jason's girlfriend.

"He was chased and the man fired a revolver several times. It is a respectable area and this has shocked the community."

Anyone with information should call 020 8247 8275.