A PETROL station attendant had a gun held to her head and her hand broken in an early morning raid.

Armed robbers forced their way into the Esso petrol station, in Eltham Hill, Eltham, at 4am on October 15.

Mother-of-one June James, 51, had opened the shop door to give a customer a bottle of drink because it was too big for the security hatch.

She had sold the same man a bottle of drink two-hours earlier, but this time his accomplices appeared and overpowered her.

Grabbing her by the throat, they held a gun to her head and gagged her with tape. Bones in her hand were broken in the struggle.

The men kicked their way into the office and stole a £4,000 Rolex watch, £600 solid gold sovereign ring, CCTV equipment, cigarettes and phone cards.

They also took cash from the till and Mrs James's mobile phone and money before driving off in a white Vauxhall cavalier.

A police spokesman said: “This seems to be something they have done before and unless they are caught they will continue. They should be considered very dangerous.”

Two were black, 16, 5ft 5in, and wearing dark clothes. The third was black, 23, 6ft 3in, wearing a grey jumper.

If you have any information call 020 7232 6530 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.