A FATHER has told how he watched his son stab himself in the heart.

Jack Halfyard, of Wool

verstone Road, Thamesmead, told an inquest his 35-year-old son Paul, of Park Road, Bromley, arrived at his house, on July 8, wanting to move in.

Mr Halfyard said his son went upstairs to use the phone.

“I asked him not to stay there all night. He began unpacking his four big suitcases and he was getting erratic.”

In a bid to calm him down, Jack called in a neighbour and his other son Roy but Paul grabbed a bread knife and pressed it to his chest.

Mr Halfyard said: “It went in like butter, about two or three inches. Someone then pulled the knife out and there was so much panic.”

Croydon Coroner's Court heard Paul's wife wanted to break off their 12-year marriage which triggered bouts of depression.

Recording an open verdict, Dr Palmer ruled out suicide saying he needed proof Mr Halfyard intended to kill himself.

“His mental state was clearly seriously disturbed and I don't think he was capable of a firm intention of taking his own life.”