TEACHERS at a secondary school in Lewisham have called for the chairman and vice chairman of governors to resign.

More than 30 staff at Northbrook Secondary School in Lee Green are concerned the relationship between the vice chairman and acting headteacher, who are related, has not been fully disclosed.

They are fearful for the future of the school because a year after a glowing Ofsted report, the headteacher has resigned and a Local Education Authority inspection has said the school requires “special support,” which is one step below special measures.

A letter, signed by all the staff at the Church of England secondary school, was presented to the governors at a meeting last month.

A teacher, at the Taunton Road school, said the staff signed the letter after a chain of events led to a change in leadership of the board of governors, the resignation of several governors and the head when he was ill.

The teacher, who cannot be named for fear of losing his job said: “The current vice chair man of governors is the brother-in-law of the acting-headteacher This relationship has not been disclosed to parents, teachers or to the other governors.

“In the last three months, staff morale has dropped and I can't see the school moving forward because no-one has confidence in its leadership.”

Chairman of Governors, Richard Bainbridge said: “The relationship between the acting head and the vice-chairman of governors is a matter for the governors not the staff.

“This relationship was known to the head, the then chairman and checked out with the LEA and the Diocesan Board before the vice chairman became a governor.”

Spokesmen from Lewisham Council and Southwark Diocesan Board of Education Patrick Olivier agreed: “The staff concerns will be discussed at the next meeting.”