Parents from Dartford and Gravesham are preparing a massive petition over their children's admission to secondary schools.

More than 250 parents have signed the petition which claims local children are being treated unfairly.

Previously parents could choose both a grammar school and a secondary school. If the pupil was unsuccessful in the 11-plus tests, they could choose a secondary school.

But this year they can only choose one or the other. This means if the 11-plus exams do not go well, they do not know which secondary school they will end up in.

Petitions have been started at three Gravesham schools to keep the old system. At the same time, the 11-plus system in Kent may come under investigation by backbench MPs into selective schooling since the Office for Schools Adjudications decided Kent parents must choose their preferred secondary school before they know the results of their 11-plus.

One parent, who did not wish to be named, said: “My son is so scared of not doing well on the day we dare not put him in for the 11-plus exam at all.”

A KCC spokesman said: “While we understand parents have concerns, we are bound by the adjudicator's decision that parents should be able to express their preference before assessment.

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