AN EX-SECURITY guard at Bromley College who claims he was told to “go back to Africa” is to receive compensation.

Patrick Thompson, aged 39, was sacked in June 1999 and took the college to an employment tribunal claiming he was subjected to racist jokes and comments during his eight-year stint on the staff.

Now he has called for the resignation of premises manager Bob Barry, who he says turned a blind eye to the situation, although Mr Barry denies the allegation.

Mr Thompson claimed racist incidents escalated after he approached police at the beginning of 1999, telling them receipts for building work at the college seemed excessive. The police investigation was inconclusive and no arrests followed.

Now an employment tribunal has decided Mr Thompson was a victim of racial discrimination, though complaints of unfair and wrongful dismissal, and of discrimination, were dismissed.

A compensation sum will be agreed later this month.

Mr Thompson said: “I complained to my manager at the time but he did nothing. I couldn't leave the job because I had a wife and three children to support.

“After the sacking my life has been turned upside down: my relationship with my partner is wrecked. This isn't about money, I just want an apology and for this not to happen to anyone else.”

A Bromley College spokesman said: “While the college has no way of knowing for certain what remarks were made at the time, it is not the college's view that the premises manager was aware of any racist jokes being made.

“We are considering whether there are grounds to appeal.”

Mr Barry added: “I don't think there's any proof of any racist jokes. It wasn't complained about by Mr Thompson at the time.”