A POLITICAL dispute looms over a campaign by Northfleet neighbours to improve their quality of life.

Council tenants in Warwick Place were so fed up with safety and conditions in the block, they formed a group to lobby Gravesham Council.

They were supported by Liberal Democrat General Election candidate Bruce Parmenter, who promised to write to Gravesham on their behalf.

But Labour Councillor Ray Parker, who represents the area, has questioned Mr Parmenter's motives, saying he was “surprised” to see him at a recent residents' meeting as he is not an elected representative.

Cllr Parker said: “I live just across the road from Warwick Place so I know the situation. I have written to the police to ask if the extra patrols in Wallis Park can be extended. I've also written to the lead member for housing to ask about security provision.”

Speaking after heated exchanges between the two, the Liberal Democrat hopeful said: “I am only trying to help get these problems sorted out.”

Resident Tina McSweeney says she does not care who stands up for them as long as something is done.

She said: “We asked Mr Parmenter because he is a friend and knows the system. Cllr Parker seems genuine enough so we will wait and see if anything comes of it.”

North Kent Police confirmed Cllr Parker had written to Supt Ainsworth to request more patrols.

A spokesman said: “Wallis Park is one of the places we patrol more regularly than others. It is likely, in response to this letter, we might be able to extend patrols to Warwick Place.”