CAMPAIGNERS have renewed their calls for a crossing on a Sidcup road after two accidents in less than 24 hours.

And the mother of Jamie Manning, 11, who was injured in one of the incidents, has vowed not to let the issue drop until a crossing is in place.

“I hope a child does not have to die before something is done,” she said.

Jamie, who lives with his mum Kim Waller in Berwick Crescent, Blackfen, had been at Hurstmere School just two weeks when he was knocked down last Thursday on his way home from school.

He was crossing Willersley Avenue near the junction with Haddon Grove, when he was hit by a car.

His older brother Ben saw the accident from a bus passing by but he did not know it was his brother who was knocked down and hurt.

The air ambulance was called but eventually Jamie was rushed by a road ambulance to King's College Hospital.

He was allowed home on Sunday but has a broken arm and severe bruising to his pelvis and legs as well as to his head.

Twenty-three hours later three cars were involved in a crash at the same spot. Two women suffered neck injuries and were taken to hospital.

Camilla Lynam-Hill, a school staff nurse, who lives nearby said the road was notorious for accidents.

Together with neighbour Sue Holland, they have been campaigning for a crossing.

Mrs Lynam-Hill, who comforted Jamie and helped one of the injured women in the second crash said she has often heard brakes screeching and has seen many near misses there.

She said the spot was a popular one for children crossing to nearby primary schools and for secondary school children.

“It could have been one of my own children injured,” she said.

She has now written again to Bexley's chief engineer Peter Morley, urging action.

Bexley Council says it put in pedestrian refuges in 1999 and, incidental to last week's accidents, was looking at new measures for the road.

These measures included a crossing and speed cameras. The council is looking to see if the work can be done within the budget.