BROMLEY police are hunting a gang who attacked a pensioner as she went to get her shopping at a supermarket.

The terrified 61-year-old was set upon in the car park at Tesco, in Edgington Way, Sidcup, at about 10.30pm on December 20.

She suffered a severely-bruised neck, hands, wrists and knees after jewellery was stolen by masked robbers who hurled foul language and abuse at her.

She told police she had noticed a man watching her as she walked through the car park towards the store and her suspicions were aroused when he came up behind her.

She turned to face him and saw two other men so she started a desperate run towards the bright lights of the store.

Another man jumped out in front of her from between cars, brandishing a crow-bar.

She believes she must have covered her head with her hands as they set upon her.

Her fingers were too swollen for the men easily to pull her rings off so one of them shouted: Get them off or I will smash your head in.

Frustrated, the gang members yanked the rings off, partially tearing a finger nail and leaving her severely bruised.

They were frightened off by a middle-aged cab driver, who helped the woman until emergency services arrived.

The men jumped into a car and screeched off at high speed.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack and would particularly like to speak to the cabbie who went to the womans aid.

Call PC Sam Renwick-Forster on 020 8284 8060 if you have any information about the robbery.