A RUBBISH truck was blocked into a car park for more than an hour by residents demanding a better refuse-collection service.

Tenants at South Hill Court, in Westmoreland Road, Bromley, demanded to see a management representative from rubbish removal company Cory Environmental.

But the truck driver chose to leave the bus abandoning his co-driver to deal with eight furious residents.

Tenants' Association chairman Terry Keane said: “It's been two years now that our rubbish does not get collected as it should.

“They just drive straight past and we have to keep phoning them to empty our dustbins. Now we are fed up.”

Another tenant, John Lee, says residents have done all they can to make it easier for the binmen to collect their waste.

He said: “They said cars alongside the entrance obstructed their entrance so we put up bollards to stop people from parking there.

“We even replaced the bins which they claimed were no good.”

After about an hour police arrived to end the stand-off and move the vans which were blocking the car-park exit.

A Bromley Council spokesman admitted there was a history of problems with the rubbish collection from South Hill Court.

He added “We are investigating the full circumstances surrounding yesterday's events with our contractors, Cory, to ensure we collect the rubbish regularly in the future.

A Cory Environmental spokesman said: “On May 24, a Cory Environmental collection vehicle and crew made several attempts to collect domestic refuse from a property in Westmoreland Road on the regular collection day but found the access was blocked. This was reported to Bromley Council.

“About a week later, we were informed it was now possible to gain access and a vehicle was sent to collect the refuse.

“Unfortunately, after this work had been completed, the vehicle's exit was blocked by another vehicle. As soon as the access was cleared, the vehicle went on its way.”