MY 18-YEAR-OLD son is an A-level student who decided, after much deliberation, he wanted to undertake qualifications in plastering.

An odd choice for an A-level student, you may think, and for a time so did I, but there you are ones offspring have to find their own paths in life.

Having tried many avenues in an effort to assist, I suggested he might enquire at Bexleyheath Job Centre and, as a good and caring parent, I set about making an appointment for him to do this.

Let me make it quite clear my son had no intention of wanting to sign on, but merely to be given advice and assistance in how to go about securing a training position.

After two abortive appointments, when the person he was due to see was not available, he was finally able to discuss the matter with one of the assistants at said Job Centre.

He was duly informed, as he could read and write adequately and had absolutely no criminal convictions, the Job Centre was unable to assist with a placement on any training course and an appointment was made for him for the following week in order that he could attend and sign on.

Good God Almighty! What crazy politicians engineered such nonsense? My son has asked me if I think he should go out and steal a car or two, or mug one or two old ladies!

Would he then be welcomed with open arms and given all the training he is looking for? The world has been turned upside down!!

My son will not be attending the Job Centre next week, nor thankfully is he misguided enough to commit such crimes, even if the rewards may bring him what he is looking for!

Mrs T Greig

Erith Road