A WOMAN with a history of drug abuse died from a heroin overdose the day after being released from prison, an inquest heard on Thursday, December 7.

Sophia Deborah Delee, 22, whose last address was Plantagenet House, in Leda Road, Woolwich, was released from Eastwood Park Prison on September 22 this year.

Her mother, Angela Kakouti, thought her daughter was clean, as a report from the prison revealed she had stopped taking drugs.

Miss Delee visited friend Robert Buckley, of Wordsworth House, Woolwich Common, on the following day. Warned by Coroner Selena Lynch against self-incrimination, Mr Buckley said Miss Delee had a can of drink and some pot with her when she arrived.

As soon as she came in the door I told her I was clean, he added.

After shopping in Woolwich, Mr Buckley fell asleep for several hours, and awoke to find Sophia in the living room, with a spoon and needle on the floor.

A post mortem showed the morphine level in her blood was low but her low tolerance and the presence of alcohol had caused problems.

Returning a verdict of death from heroin poisoning due to dependence on drugs, the coroner said she wished recreational users could see some of the cases which come before her.