FANS of the Gangster movie genre will no doubt have a soft spot for Martin Scorsese's classic Goodfellas.

Set in New York, the film tells the true life story of Henry Hill, a Mafia member involved in a great deal of murder and mayhem. Arrested by the police for drug smuggling, Henry saved himself from a lifetime in prison by testifying against his fellow mobsters, putting some of the most dangerous Mafiosi behind bars.

Henry has been in the police's witness protection scheme for the best part of 20 years, and you would think he would want to keep a low profile.

However, instead he has perversely decided to launch his own website,

Browsers are invited to leave their piece (gun) at the door before entering the site. They may then tour the neighbourhood, checking out Paulie's pizzeria, and the scenes of several assasinations, where wiseguys were “whacked”.

Visitors may also peruse Henry's “how to be a mobster guide”, which gives advice on subjects such as how to properly pistol-whip someone, or the best way to hide a corpse. Enjoy.