VISITORS to Bromley Museum have been enchanted by its latest offering a display of needlework samplers put together by children at Midfield Primary School, Orpington.

In their spare time, the youngsters created some beautiful examples of the centuries old art by basing their work on examples provided by museum curator Alan Tyler.

He said: “Samplers were originally a way to help ladies develop their sewing skills centuries ago.

“But it developed into an art form in its own right, with beautiful depictions of letters of the alphabet, names and pictures of just about anything.”

The earliest example of a sampler in the UK was sewn in the sixteenth century and is housed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Bromley's oldest sampler is from the eighteenth century and the museum has 11 others.

Mr Tyler added: “The children's work has been much appreciated by our visitors during the school holidays.

“I'm very pleased.”