A WOMAN who gave birth in a Sydenham pub finally met the 999 operator who helped talk her through labour.

Pub landlord Dave Curtis had a delivery of a different kind to take care of when his wife Val went into labour at the Bricklayers Arms, in Dartmouth Road, last month.

But when the ambulance got stuck in traffic, barmaid Mandy Carter and family friend Anne Sharpe stepped in.

Using a mobile phone, they were given instructions by 999 operator David Hagerty.

Mr Hagerty talked them through what to do as the ambulance battled to reach the pub.

The delivery was a real team effort and the ambulance service invited Val, baby Simon, and her helpers to meet the voice on the other end of the phone.

Speaking about the visit to the largest ambulance control centre in Europe, Val said: “It was nice to be able to visualise what was going on at the other end of the phone.

Mr Hagerty was calm and collected, his instructions were clear and polite and calmed everyone down.”

An LAS spokesman said: “The visit gave staff some moral support.

“It was a real pat on the back for David who had done a job which was appreciated.”