A brand-new wellness hub, Dripaura & Prospexa, has recently opened on Sidcup High Street.

To mark its launch with, staff have donated 1,000 pizzas to local hospitals, care homes, and shelters.

Located at 41 Sidcup Hill, the Dripaura wellness hub offers a range of services, including IV drips, facial aesthetics, medical skin treatments, world-renowned HydraFacial’s, and massages.

The hub aims to provide the community with luxurious comfort and complimentary beverages and refreshments.

The launch event was attended by the newly elected Mayor, highlighting the significance of the new establishment to the local community.

Dripaura collaborates with Prospexa Group, a business services brand offering 14 premium services.

To celebrate the opening, the founders of Dripaura and Prospexa Group donated 1,000 pizzas to local health services and shelters.

This act of generosity is part of a broader philanthropic initiative by Prospexa Group, which plans to allocate a notable portion of its profits to community projects and local causes, addressing social and environmental challenges.

Founder & CEO Singh stated, "Our mission is to ignite growth, cultivate collaboration, and elevate well-being for all who grace our establishments.

“We aspire to be more than businesses; we are committed to effecting positive change within our community."

The wellness hub, located at 41 Sidcup Hill, DA14 6HJ, invites customers to take advantage of limited-time introductory offers.