With a majority in Greenwich and Woolwich, Labour Party member Matthew Thomas Pennycook will continue to serve as the constituency's MP.

Matthew Pennycook is the Labour MP for Greenwich and Woolwich, and has been an MP continually since May 7, 2015.

The total turnout for this election in Greenwich and Woolwich was 58.1 per cent, and Mr Pennycook received 23,999 votes.

On social media platform X, Mr Pennycook said: “It is an honour to be returned as the Member of Parliament for Greenwich and Woolwich.

“You have once again put your trust in me, and I will not let you down.”

Volunteers began counting the votes at 10pm yesterday (Thursday, July 4) when the polls closed.

Who were the candidates in Greenwich and Woolwich?

Liberal Democrats – Chris Annous

Climate Party – Priyank Bakshi

The Conservative Party – Jonathan Goff

Reform UK - Abdoul Aziz Ndiaye

Independent – Niko Omilana

Labour Party – Matthew Thomas Pennycook

Workers Party – Sheikh Raquib

The Green Party – Stacy Elaine Smith

A breakdown of results

Liberal Democrats – 3,865

Climate Party – 173

The Conservative Party – 4,863

Reform UK – 3,305 Independent – 311

Labour Party – 23,999

Workers Party – 570

The Green Party – 5,633