A Dartford McDonald’s is reopening next week after a huge revamp which includes a “McDelivery only” area for delivery drivers.

The McDonald’s on Princes Road in Dartford which is owned and operated by local franchisee Greg Abbott is set to reopen on July 10.

The redesign is aimed at enhancing customer experience, according to the company and will include fast-food giant's latest “Convenience of the Future” concept which combines a new layout with the latest technology to streamline the ordering process.

The Dartford branch will be the first to feature a separate delivery only area, complete with a dedicated courier entrance.

This aims to allow delivery drivers to collect customers' orders more efficiently, reducing congestion and creating a more spacious and relaxed ambience for dine-in and takeaway customers.

The front counter has also been designed to create specific areas for different sales channels.

This hopes to provide more space for customers, reduce congestion around touchscreens, and shorten queues.

A dedicated courier waiting area and entrance will better accommodate couriers and reduce dining area congestion, creating a more relaxing environment for customers.

A new kitchen design with a larger order assembly area and dedicated spaces for dine-in orders hopes to enhance crew efficiency and accuracy.

There have also been improved break spaces put in place and redesigned crew rooms which aims to offer a more relaxing and comfortable environment for crew breaks.

The Dartford location will boast LED lighting, wall graphics produced from recycled coffee beans, recyclable floor and wall tiles, and furniture built from entirely recycled materials - all part of McDonald's ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030 across its restaurants and offices.

The new store will also generate twenty new jobs in the local area.

Greg Abbott who owns and operates nine McDonald’s restaurants in the Kent area, said: “McDonald’s is always looking into ways to improve the customer experience and by investing in these changes in my restaurant, we’ll be doing just that.

“I’m proud to say that the investment will also create twenty new roles for local people. I can’t wait to welcome my customers back into the restaurant to experience the changes first hand!”.