A teacher who drank wine in her car at lunchtime has been banned from the classroom. 

Alison Atkins, 57, was reported to the Teaching Regulations Agency (TRA) after she was suspended from Copperfield Academy, Gravesend, in May 2023. 

The investigation came after Ms Atkins was seen drinking from a long neck bottle in the school car park on May 2023. 

When she was challenged she admitted that she had drank a small bottle of wine in her car because she was feeling anxious. 

In a later interview she admitted further instances of leaving the site during the school day to drink

During a TRA misconduct meeting the panel were told that Ms Atkins was remorseful, accepted responsibility for her actions and has addressed her wellbeing. 

“Her now versus her six months ago is like night and day,” the panel were told. 

The panel also heard that Ms Atkins was well-liked and competent in her teaching abilities. 

The panel made an order banning Ms Atkins from returning to teaching for at least two years, after which period she can apply to review the order. 

Ms Atkins was not present at the hearing, but was aware it was taking place.