A missing girl, vulnerable girl has been found after a search for her in Abbey Wood.

It was “challenging” for police to find her “due to wooded area”, but in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday, July 2) she was found “safe and well”.

The Metropolitan Police requested help from National Police Air Service in its search, so a helicopter was above the scene at 11.52pm yesterday.

The helicopter did not land and was diverted to another incident at 12.03am.

A spokesperson for NPAS said: “The Metropolitan Police asked NPAS to assist in a search for a vulnerable missing person near Abbey Wood Station.

“NPAS were on scene between 23.52hrs and 00.03hrs.

“They didn’t land at all.

“They conducted a search before being diverted to another incident.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: “It was a bit challenging due to wooded area, but she is now home, safe and well early hours today.”