Seven men have been found guilty of the killing of Kai McGinley who was blasted to death with a shotgun in Erith. 

The 24-year-old was shot dead after the car he was in was deliberately rammed on Pembroke Road last February. 

Five months after the trial began an Old Bailey jury has found four men guilty of Kai’s murder:

  • Enriko Spahiu, 21, of Elmhurst in Belvdere
  • Bradlee Reeve, 34, of Chapman Road in Erith
  • Anthony Wallder, 21, of Eastry Road in Bexley
  • Kai Osibodu, 25, of Riverdale Road in Erith

All four were also found guilty of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to Kai’s friends who were also in the car - Bill Burton and Norman Samura. 

Three other men were cleared of Kai’s murder but found guilty of manslaughter:

  • Jalees Selby-Gangera, 19, of Woodfield Close in Erith
  • Charlie Brabon, 19, of Bryon Drive in Erith
  • Connor Brooks, 22, of Horsa Road in Erith

Kai McGinleyKai McGinley (Image: Met Police) During the trial prosecutor Brian O’Neill KC told the jury Kai was with his friends, Bill and Norman in a stolen Mini Countryman on February 9 last year.

At around 8.45pm they were travelling along Pembroke Road, when a Land Rover Freelander drove at them in the opposite direction with its lights off. 

Close behind the Land Rover was a grey Peugeot 307.  

Mr O'Neill said: "As it got closer, it became clear to the occupants of the Mini that the Land Rover was driving towards it, head-on, with its lights off. 

"In an attempt to let the oncoming Land Rover pass, Kai began to move the Mini to the left hand-side of the road but it was struck, deliberately, at speed and with force, by the Land Rover."  

The Mini span to the right before coming to a stop. 

The crash took place on Pembroke Road The crash took place on Pembroke Road (Image: Berk Uyal) “Some or all of the occupants of the Peugeot and the Land Rover got out of their vehicles, approached the Mini and opened fire,” Mr O’Neill alleged.  

“Four or five shots were fired from two shotguns at close range one of which fatally wounded Kai McGinley. They then fled the scene. The Land Rover broke down further down the road." 

Emergency services were called but Kai was pronounced dead at 9.31pm, with the cause of death given as a gunshot wound to his chest. 

Giving evidence in the trial Kai’s friend Bill described the moment the other car hit their Mini. 

He said: "At that time where they've hit us, I was dazed in the car."  

"When I came back around I've heard a loud bang and ducked down in the car between the footwell and the glovebox.” 

"I was just trying not to die, to be honest with you," he said. "It sounded like a shotgun."  

The scene of the crash on Pembroke RoadThe scene of the crash on Pembroke Road (Image: Berk Uyal) Bill said the car was then surrounded by two or three people on the passenger side, where he was sat ducking down.  

He said: "When I've looked up, someone started hitting me with a gun.  

"I keep ducking thinking I don't want to get shot. Then the guns gone out the window and the barrel's been put against the door.” 

At this point their attackers fired their final shot and this killed Kai, Bill said.  

After the attack, Bill said: "I didn't see them leave but I heard a car screech off."  

He said he and Kai both got out the passenger side as the driver's side was blocked.  

Bill said: "Kai's turned to me and said 'Bill I'm in trouble'. I said 'What do you mean?', he lifted his hand and I saw blood.  

"Then I heard a bang and saw he'd hit the floor.” 

The shooting was heard by residents who gave evidence during the trial.

One teenage girl who lived on the road said she woken up by four or five pops. 

When she looked out her window she saw Kai stumbling towards the pavement with an injury. 

Downstairs the girl's mum said Mr Burton shouted very loudly: "They had guns." 

Another resident said she heard two or three quick bangs and looked out the window where she saw the Land Rover stopped in the road with a smashed windscreen. 

She said four or five young boys were standing beside it, all of whom were wearing balaclavas and dressed in black, and they appeared hyped up. 

Another resident heard the shots before hearing Bill shout: "Can someone call the police my friend has been shot."

The seven men will be sentenced next month.