The NoMad restaurant at the NoMad hotel in Covent Garden is what I can guarantee as the prettiest, most beautiful restaurant in London.

With a glass conservatory style roof, hanging lamps and draped greenery, it’d be hard to find somewhere more aesthetic for breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea than the NoMad restaurant.

It’s based in a hotel, and has a really bright and natural atmosphere – with some hotel room windows overlooking the space.

(Image: Immy Share)

There are sofas and cushioned chairs to sit on, along with a bar with bar seating for those just wanting drinks.

I went to the NoMad for afternoon tea and having had breakfast in the restaurant last year, I just knew the tea would be lovely.

From kind and helpful waiters and waitresses to well-presented and tasty food, the whole thing was exquisite.

I don’t eat much meat and there was even a pescetarian and vegetarian tea menu, alluding to the same as the ‘standard’ one – but with the necessary adjustments made.

It’s attention to detail like this which is so appreciated.

(Image: Immy Share)

My boyfriend had the afternoon tea in with roast beef, and then we both had a small smoked salmon affair, an egg mayo and truffle sandwich and some cream cheese, cucumber and raddish.

Mine had two smoked salmons, and on the bottom of both was a blue cheese scone, I’m not a huge cheese lover but my boyfriend said it was the best scone he’d ever had – so take from that what you will!

We were offered an extra of any of our favourites which was also a really nice touch.

The next ‘course’ was my favourite – the sweet platter.

(Image: Immy Share)

We each got a platter with the most amazing little desserts on – a lemon and cream tart, a passionfruit cheesecake ball, a chocolate and apricot cake and a berry tart.

It also came with a raisin scone and a plain scone each.

Our main course filled us up but unsurprisingly we didn’t have any trouble demolishing the desserts, which were absolutely divine.

The tea came paired with a choice of teas, and also an extra choice of cocktails all made from the teas.

It was such a lovely afternoon and the NoMad makes you feel as though you never want to leave.

I’ve tried breakfast and tea, and I’ll definitely be going back for lunch or dinner soon.