A Londoner visited a remote village in East Africa that 'doesn't get any visitors' and says he was "treated like a celebrity".

Daniel Pinto, 26, has been to 134 out of 195 countries in the world - including the Philippines, India, Sudan and Iraq.

From Lambeth in south London, Daniel describes himself as a "danger tourist" - a niche in the tourism industry involving travel to dangerous places.

Currently making his way through Africa, Daniel had at one point been detrained trying to gain access into Congo from Angola but says it doesn't put him off travelling. 

anzania Batwa pygmies - Indigenous Peoples of short stature.Tanzania Batwa pygmies - Indigenous Peoples of short stature. (Image: SWNS)

In April 2024, Daniel and his friend, Nuno Abrantes, 27, were travelling to Tanzania when he stopped off at the remote village in northern Burundi, Africa, to see the Tanzania Batwa pygmies - Indigenous Peoples of short stature who settled there. 

Daniel found himself feeling like a celebrity - as he was followed around the village by the locals for hours.

Meet the 'danger tourist' from London travelling the world

The professional traveller, said: "I was there for the afternoon, I was making my way to Tanzania when I stopped there.

"We went into the village, and spoke to the people.

The remote village is in northern Burundi, AfricaThe remote village is in northern Burundi, Africa. (Image: SWNS)

"I had the village showing me around, the village is high up in the highlands it is very beautiful.

"In general it is a beautiful place that doesn't get many tourists."

When Daniel was 20 years old he started travelling alone and has been to 134 countries - including Bali, Vietnam and Afghanistan.

He started documenting his journey around the world online - to show people a different side to the countries they have heard about.

Daniel is hoping to visit every country in the world.Daniel is hoping to visit every country in the world. (Image: SWNS)

He said: "I try and be different. I want to show parts of the country that nobody else knows about.

"I want to be separate from the crowd - that is why I went to the village.

"I don't want to show the settings that everyone else shows."

Daniel said there are "too many" countries to choose from when it comes to choosing his favourite but 'India has everything you need'. 

Sharing: "India was amazing, it has everything you have.

"There are big cities, tribes - it has everything you will need.

"I loved Algeria, northern Africa - it has Mediterranean-like beaches.

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"I really enjoyed Sudan, it has always had negative images associated to it."

When it comes to travelling to dangerous locations, Daniel said he knows how to handle himself but had a "close call" on his recent trip to Libya.

Daniel said: "I have been pretty lucky, I don't know if that is because I am tall and have tattoos.

"The worst situation I have been in is Libya, I was hitchhiking.

"Libya is very new to tourists, we got to a checkpoint and we were detained for seven hours.

"We were handcuffed and had a gun to our face.

"That was worrying, being handcuffed to the wall by a militia group is scary."