A career criminal who killed a “much loved” dad over an electric bike has been convicted of murder. 

Rohan Trotman, 26, was stabbed to death on Gordon Road near Nunhead Green in Peckham last June 25. 

He had been cycling home from Croydon on a new electric bike when he was attacked by two men. 

Rohan was left bleeding in the street with multiple stab wounds then died in hospital the next day. 

Yusuf Kallon, 19, of Marmont Road in Peckham, has been found guilty of murdering Trotman. 

Murderer Yusuf KallonMurderer Yusuf Kallon (Image: Met Police) The second man fled the UK before police could link him to the murder and make an arrest. 

Both men had also committed a motorbike robbery in Waterloo shortly before the murder. 

After murdering Rohan, Kallo also desperate plans to flee the country. 

He made credit card payments to a holiday company in Spain, booking a flight to Sierra Leone and paying for a new fast-tracked passport. 

Kallon admitted being a career criminal but denied murder. 

But on Monday (June 3) a jury convicted Kallon of murder and two counts of robbery. 

Rohan Trotman Rohan Trotman (Image: Met Police) Detective Chief Inspector Laurence Smith, who led the investigation, said: “Rohan was a much loved son, partner, and brother. Put simply, he was killed by Kallon for his new electric bike in a senseless attack that has devastated a family. 

“I am glad that the jury saw through Kallon’s lies, and I would like to thank my team for their diligent work which allowed clear and incontrovertible evidence to be shown in court. 

“My thoughts and condolences remain with Rohan’s family, and I hope they can find some small measure of comfort in Kallon’s conviction.” 

Rohan’s mother, Debra, said: “I would like to thank the exemplary efforts of the police in bringing Kallon to justice.”