If you've been looking for a day trip away from London that will keep the whole family happy and entertained, then look no further.

The historical attraction of Hever Castle is just two hours away from London by car and offers a peaceful step back in time to the Tudor era.

The site was once the childhood home to the Turdor Queen Anne Boleyn and even saw Henry VII visit the 125-acre estate.

Hever Castle offers an Osasi escape from the everyday busy life of London, with endless gardens to explore and even a water maze.

You can find out more information via the Hever Castle website

News Shopper: See if you can find your way out of the maze.See if you can find your way out of the maze. (Image: Newsquest/Emilia Kettle)

Visit Hever Castle for the perfect day trip away from London

The historical site has over 600 years of history, with the castle itself showing the estate through history.

From the bedroom of Anne Boleyn, the great hall that hosted many banquets to the guest room that welcomed the Tudor King.

Young children can enjoy an interactive audio guide that helps teach the youngest all the history of the castle while adults can enjoy a guide fitted to them too.

Outside of the castle, the grounds offer endless relaxation, with 125 acres of perfectly kept ground to explore.

The gardens at Hever Castle were created from 1904 to 1908 by Joseph Cheal and Son with one of the most popular spots the Italian Garden.

The space was created to display the Italian sculptures collected by the estate's former owners Willaim Waldorf Astor that lead to a large lake at the end of the garden and a rose garden home to over 5,000 bushes.

News Shopper: The gardens are not to be missed.The gardens are not to be missed. (Image: Newsquest/Emilia Kettle)

If you like nice long walks in nature, then you could try some of the set walks around Hever Castle for yourself, like the Rhododendron Walk and Anne Boleyn’s Walk.

Away from the walks and stunning gardens, Hever Castle has attractions set to keep the whole family entertained including play areas and mazes.

One of the most popular spots at the castle is the Water Maze and the English Yew Maze.

The Yew Maze challenges guests to find their way through 100-year-old maze and was built by William Waldorf Astor.

If you fancy a splash or are in need of a cool down, then the Water Maze is a must, set on Sixteen Acre Island, the maze tasks you to step on the right stone without getting splashed by water.


How much are the tickets for Hever Castle?

There are several ticket options for Hever Castle, including adults and children as well as the choice of castle and the gardens or just the gardens.

If you want to save some cash, then by booking online you are entitled to slightly cheaper tickets.

The prices from February 7 to June 25 are as follows:

  • Garden only adult (18 to 59 yrs)- £18.35
  • Gardens only concession (senior/student)- £16.50
  • Gardens only child (5 to 17yrs)- £11.50
  • Gardens only child (0 to 4 yrs)- free
  • Gardens only family- £50.30
  • Castle & Gardens Adult (18 to 59 yrs)- £22
  • Castle & Gardens Concession (Senior/Student)- £19.35
  • Castle & Gardens Child (5 to 17 yrs)- £12.55
  • Castle & Gardens Child (0 to 4 yrs)- free
  • Castle & Gardens Family- £58.30

You can also get annual member passes which you can find out more information on via the website.