A Londoner has revealed his top six freeloading hacks for living in the capital - including an app to get free drinks.

Charlie, 32, moved to London in 2014 after studying at Manchester University and at the start of 2023, Charlie made a "lifestyle change" leaving his corporate job to work in creative writing.

The lifestyle change meant that Charlie had to find ways to live his former corporate lifestyle on a budget.

Charlie's tips have racked up 20 million views across TikTok and Instagram from people searching for bargains in London.

Londoner reveals hacks to live in London for 'free'

Charlie, from Bermondsey, London, said: "Growing up we were a very M&S family so I grew up for a taste for it.

"It is expensive but delicious and yellow stickers make it a way to shop there and get bits at an affordable price.

"I had a big career change in 2023 and I wanted to pursue a creative dream.

"It has meant that I have had to make some sacrifices to life the lifestyle that I did before."

Charlie's first 'freeloading hack' is using yellow stickers to buy his meals, he said people should head to their local store around 6pm to get at least 50 per cent off items.

Charlie said: "If anything is under a pound I struggle to leave it behind.

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"My rule is that if it is under a pound I will buy it.

"I play yellow sticker roulette - I like the price dictate what I eat.

"My most memorable bargain is getting a Colin the Caterpillar cake for 52p"

To tackle food waste, Charlie will go to Itsu to get their discounted sushi boxes at the end of the day.

He said: "They ring a big bell and everything. This always happens 30 minutes before close - so check out what time your local Itsu closes and check it out.

"My top tip is to get there with a little time to spare - if lots of people know about this in your local Itsu then the boxes can go quickly."

As London renting prices soar, Charlie has an app that will allow you to stay living in London for free.

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He said: "I’m obsessed with Trusted House Sitter. It’s an app that connects pet sitters and pet owners worldwide – offering animal lovers free accommodation in exchange for pet care. 

"As a pet sitter, you can filter by neighbourhood, animal, length of stay – I looked after a dog in Shoreditch earlier in the year for a month. 

"A month’s free rent in a beautiful two-bed flat - with a dog thrown in.

"I’ve also done multiple cat sits throughout London which I loved."

Charlie said he loves a bargain when it comes to going out.

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His third tip allows people to get free drinks while they're out with friends.

He said: "There are lots of apps for this, including Dusk which unlocks a free drink for users in bars close to them, every single night. 

"Download the app, search for bars near to you, show the bartender your redemption screen and bingo - you’ve got a free drink."

As well as using yellow stickers, Charlie also recommends using Too Good Too Go when hunting for a cheap meal.

He said: "Their app lets you buy and collect ‘Magic Bags’ of food from local restaurants and shops so it gets eaten instead of wasted. 

"You won’t know exactly what’s in your order until you pick it up."

Charlie said that going to the theatre can be "one of the most expensive things to do in London".

His final hack means you can go and enjoy your favourite West End shows for free.

He said: "Join SeatFillers, who connect slow-selling productions with eager audiences for a win/win arrangement. 


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"You get free tickets and they get to boost their audiences.

"And no, it’s not just unpopular shows. A show could be selling slowly for any reason on any given day, so it’s worth keeping tabs on."

Charlie is sharing his top tips on TikTok @freeloading_chaz.