A south east London nursery has been upgraded from inadequate to good by Ofsted after making “good progress” since its last inspection.

Little Pumpkins Nursery, based in Crowther Road, was rated inadequate following an inspection on October 31 2023.

At the time inspectors found that safety was “compromised”, and the environment was “chaotic”.

However, the nursery has turned things around and was rated as good after an inspection on March 28, 2024.

The inspection was then published on May 10, 2024.

It was reported that leaders, managers and staff had “successfully met all actions raised at the last inspection”.

New methods of planning were found to have been brought in so that staff now “capture children’s interests and learning needs”.

Inspectors saw that the curriculum and resources have been reviewed and some group rooms have been rearranged.

This lets children “follow their own interests during play” and participate in a wide variety of activities.

New staff have been employed, Ofsted found, which means that required ratios are maintained, something the nursery was criticised for after its previous inspection.

Ofsted also reported that a “key-person system” is being embedded to make sure individual needs can be met.

It was reported that “more robust systems of induction” and “regular appraisals” have now been implemented.

According to Ofsted, this means that staff have a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Inspectors added: “Children enjoy a calm and well-organised learning environment where they are building strong relationships with staff and each other.”

Staff told Ofsted about the “successful changes” that have been made and said “they have all pulled together as a team”.

Parents and staff work closely together to make sure children’s welfare is promoted and Ofsted found that “prompt action” is taken to support any children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

A spokesperson for Little Pumpkins Nursery Ltd said: “Little Pumpkins Nursery Ltd has recently achieved an impressive milestone in their journey towards excellence, as reflected in the latest Ofsted inspection report released on 28th March 2024.

“The report showcases the remarkable progress and positive transformations that have taken place at the nursery, solidifying its place as a nurturing and vibrant learning environment for young children.

“The Ofsted inspection results have revealed an overall rating of 'good' for Little Pumpkins Nursery Ltd, underscoring the dedication and commitment of the staff towards providing high-quality education, fostering positive behaviour and attitudes, promoting personal development, and ensuring effective leadership and management. 

“The positive changes and improvements at Little Pumpkins Nursery Ltd are a testament to the commitment and hard work of the leadership, managers, and staff.

“Their unwavering dedication to creating an enriching and supportive learning environment has not gone unnoticed, and the nursery remains steadfast in its mission to continuously enhance its practices and strive for the best possible outcomes for all children under its care.

“Nursery Manager Andrea Tyler said she is thrilled to read the inspectors report recognising the hard work, skill and commitment of the team.

“Andrea said it’s a pleasure to serve the local community and looks forward to welcoming many more children to the nursery in the future.”