South east Londoners have shared the things they think everyone in the area has done at least once in their life - from eating at a certain London chicken shop to quoting an iconic TV show.

In response to a question posed by News Shopper on Facebook, more than 100 readers commented the food, activities and places they believe are a rite of passage for every south east Londoner.

From holiday festivities to favourite foods and infamous nightclubs, here's a list of six universal south east London experiences.

Eaten Morley’s (or Pie & Mash)

News Shopper: Everyone's had a Morley's...Everyone's had a Morley's... (Image: Google Maps)

We can all get behind good food - or at least our London comfort food, fried chicken and pie and mash.

South east Londoner James Mogridge said that everyone has "eaten at Morley’s", a well-known chicken shop established in 1985.

On the flip side, others argued that "pie and mash" was a more classic option uniting Londoners in the south east.

Visiting The Venue

Evidently, residents consider experiencing (what is left of) the local nightlife an essential part of living in south east London.

Holly Albie and Lauren Woodward said that everyone has "partied at the Venue" or "been to The Venue", which was one of London's longest running nightclubs in New Cross before it closed shortly after the pandemic.

If you're missing your Venue days, you will be pleased to know that they are having a reunion boat party this summer.

Father Christmas at Chiesemans

For many, it was Christmas nostalgia that united them as south east Londoners.

Andrea Adams suggested that everyone in south east London remembers "seeing Father Christmas at Chieseman’s of Lewisham as a child".

Chiesemans was a department store group based in Lewisham, which was brought under House of Fraser in 1976.

Greenwich Park

News Shopper: It's easy to see why most south east Londoners have been hereIt's easy to see why most south east Londoners have been here

Brimming with history and beautiful landscapes, Greenwich Park is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Both Lorraine Elliot and Neil Vernon pointed out that everyone has visited Greenwich Park and "stood on the Meridian Line", a line which runs through the Royal Observatory and serves as a reference point for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

As well as stunning views over the London skyline, Greenwich Park is also home to one of the Bridgerton filming locations.

Taking the night bus home

With so many south east Londoners loving a night out (see The Venue above), it's no wonder that riding the night bus home is such a universal experience.

James Fishlock specifically said that everyone in south east London has "got the N47 home" at least once.

Quoting Only Fools & Horses

News Shopper: There's nothing more south east London than Del Boy and RodneyThere's nothing more south east London than Del Boy and Rodney (Image: PA)

The classic comedy, set in Peckham, is known for its memorable quotes, and has influenced not just south east London culture but British culture more widely.

Serena Heselden pointed out that everyone has "quoted a line from Only Fools & Horses".

This one, at least, is probably true.