Bromley’s fifty-eighth Mayor has vowed to promote science, health, wellbeing, and the environment during his term.

David Jefferys, who is also Chairman of Bromley's Health and Wellbeing Board, was appointed Mayor on May 15.

He has 40 years of residency in Bromley and his various roles in medicine and science.

The newly instated Mayor has also announced his chosen charities for the year, namely Alzheimer's Research UK, Bromley Youth Music Trust, and Welcare in Bromley.

Raising funds for these organisations will be a key activity throughout his term.

Conservative Councillor Jefferys also represents Bromley Common and Holwood ward.

Councillor Jefferys said: “It is an honour to be elected as Mayor of Bromley and to take the Mayoralty and the borough through to its sixtieth year.

“This gives a perfect opportunity to reflect and build on our achievements, looking at how the Mayor can best serve residents and how we can continue to innovate.

“As well as raising much-needed funds for my chosen charities to support the important work they do, I am keen to use my year to highlight three key areas.

“I want to help enhance health and wellbeing in Bromley, to focus on the variety of ways we use our green spaces, and to share some of the exciting work that takes places locally in science and technology, which is so important for addressing the challenges we face together.

“I am also keen for the Mayor to continue enhancing our community cohesion as I strive to be Mayor for all of Bromley, so please do get in touch if you are hosting an event, as we would love to be part of these whenever possible.

“It is going to be an exciting time, especially in this Olympic year, and I look forward to meeting many of you throughout the year as we continue onwards and upwards together”.

The new Mayor named Councillor Jonathan Andrews, ward councillor for Darwin, as his Deputy Mayor.

Reverend Roger Bristow of Holy Trinity Church in Bromley Common was named Mayoral Chaplain 2024/25.