I went to a Eurovision watch party at Bounce in Old Street and left feeling on top of the world.

And yes, you can blame the endless amount of prosecco.

My friend and I headed to Bounce on Saturday night, where we would later be drinking bubbles and dancing with bubbly strangers to music from artists all across Europe.

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As I ventured into this ping pong paradise, I was greeted by the promise of bottomless drinks and endless slices of pizza – a surefire recipe for a night to remember.

Separated from the ping pong action, the Eurovision party had its own room, but the energy was palpable throughout the venue.

We were shown to our table which featured a scoring list, mini games, and booze – the perfect way to kick off the party ahead.

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The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 was the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and took place in Malmö, Sweden.

The performances were electric, bright, and fun, and featured a kaleidoscope of dazzling visuals, powerful vocals, and unforgettable moments.

My favourite performance of the night was Croatia – who came in second place – but an honourable mention goes out to Switzerland, who deserved to take home the crown.

With sass and style, the fabulous drag queen host, Solero Summers, commandeered the room throughout the Eurovision, keeping us entertained between performances with her witty commentary and infectious energy.

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Solero had us laughing, cheering, and even dancing along to the Eurovision contestants. She was the glue that held our party together, ensuring that every moment was filled with laughter and joy.

The staff at Bounce were incredible from start to finish, especially our waiter for the evening, Diallo – our cups were never empty, and my pepperoni pizza was baked to perfection.News Shopper:

But let's not forget about the ping pong action happening nearby.

While we were fully immersed in the spectacle on screen, others were busy perfecting their ping pong serves in the main room – where I couldn't help but notice the sheer joy on people's faces as they battled it out on the tables.

As the night unfolded, it became clear that Bounce wasn't just a ping pong venue or a bar – it was a haven for Eurovision fanatics and party animals alike.

With bottomless drinks, bottomless pizza, and a host like Solero, it was an experience that left us all buzzing with excitement.

Bounce Old Street is the perfect venue for big groups and those who like an activity whilst they drink; it’s the ideal combination of entertainment and joy, and I can’t wait to return.