In just a few short days thousands of Elbow fans will be getting ready as they head to see the 'One Day' band at London's O2 Arena.

Elbow's latest tour 'Audio Vertigo' will celebrate the group's tenth studio album of the same name as well as their classics.

Lead singer Guy Garvey previously shared: “We love the intimacy of theatres, but we have some very big songs and the electricity of 20,000 people singing along cannot be denied. So, the big rooms it is and big shows they will be. Can’t wait to see everybody again.”

Before you head to London's O2 Arena to watch and sing along to Elbow, find out everything you need to know.

When is Elbow at London's O2 Arena?

Elbow will perform at the O2 Arena for one special night on Thursday, May 9.

What time do doors open for Elbow at London's O2 Arena?

If you are heading to see Elbow and you want to head down early to take in all the atmosphere when the doors open at the O2, you'll want to head down at 6.30pm.

It is also important to know that timings are subject to change.

What is the seating plan for Elbow at London's O2 Arena?

If you're curious as to what your view will be for Elbow at the O2, you can find out. 

The website gives you a picture or graphic view from your exact location.

See your view via the website

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Who is the support act for Elbow at London's O2 Arena?

Elbow will be supported by special guest The Waeve best known for their popular hits 'Can I Call You', 'Kill Me Again' and 'City Lights'.

Can you still get tickets to Elbow at London's O2 Arena?

If you're on the hunt for tickets to the show at the O2, you are in luck as there are still some tickets available.

Prices start from £28.12 for limited resale for standing and rise to £55.25 per person for the same standing ticket.

You can also get tickets for seating starting at £45 each or £90 for terrace and upwards of £100 for lounge access.