Anyone who uses Vinted has been warned to 'be alert' of a new scam which is targeting online shoppers.

A new scam has surfaced on various apps and websites like Vinted recently which involves victims trying to retrieve their funds after a failed transaction. 

The warning comes from officers from the North East Regional Organised Crime Unit (NEROCU).

The officers shared guidance after nine victims in the North East of England came forward having lost a total of £2,600.

What is the new scam on Vinted?

The police have explained that the scam involves victims being contacted by a fake ‘Vinted’ chatbot.

They are then advised they should open a new Revolut account to resolve the issue.

The officers continued: "They are told to add money to activate the account so the previous amount can then be retrieved.

"Once the victim does so, the scammers then remove all the funds from the Revolut account".

The police advice is to "stop and take time to assess any situation that involves transferring money or giving personal information to anyone".

They have also urged the public that no genuine site or agency will pressure you to decide or transfer money.

When in doubt, people are being urged to close the site or app and open it again from a trusted source.

This will help you ensure that you’re speaking to a legitimate person.

For those living in the local area, NEROCU officers also work with banks and community groups to educate staff and the public around spotting the signs and how to report it.

They have also urged victims to report as soon as they can so that police and partners can work together to dismantle fraud.

You can also get further help and advice, and report any fraud via the Action Fraud website.

Founded in 2008, Vinted has become well known for being an online marketplace where people can buy and sell items as well as exchange new or secondhand items.

In its own help centre, you can access guidance about staying safe and protecting your data.

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