Wetherspoon, or 'Wetherspoons', 'Wethers', or 'Spoons', is a popular pub chain across the whole of the UK & Ireland founded in 1979.

As the old myth goes "You're never more than 6ft away from a rat", the same could be said for a Wetherspoon pub.

There are 805 J D Wetherspoon Pubs locations in the UK as of April 03, 2024, according to ScrapeHero. Each pub - except London-based establishments - is renowned for offering cheap food and drink to patrons.

If you're over the age of 18, chances are you've been in a Wetherspoon pub, several times. But were you aware of the rules? 

From allowing dogs to entry fees, here are the little-known Wetherspoon rules you might not be aware of:

Do Wetherspoon pubs allow dogs?

They said: "We do not permit dogs or other animals in our pubs, hotels or in external areas which belong to, or are managed by, us. This includes beer gardens, car parks and outside pavement areas.

"We realise that this may seem quite strict, but our pubs are busy, with families and children present, and we serve a lot of food. Even well-trained dogs can sometimes behave unpredictably.

"We do welcome assistance dogs. If possible, it would be helpful to our staff if your assistance dog were to wear a recognisable leash/collar or harness and if you could bring suitable documentation with you (although not mandatory requirements).

What is the dress code in Wetherspoon pubs?

According to their site: "The majority of our pubs are family environments so we ask our customers to dress appropriately and in a way which would not offend employees or the public. 

"All customers must be fully clothed throughout their visit. The company does not permit the removal of shirts or footwear.

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"Clothing slogans, accessories and visible tattoos must be inoffensive.

"In addition, some pubs operate specific dress codes at all or certain times. For information on these requirements, speak directly to the team of the pub you wish to visit."

Can you vape in Wetherspoon pubs?

"We do not permit the use of electronic cigarettes/vaporisers outside of the designated smoking areas on our premises. This includes hotel rooms and external areas."

Is there an entry fee at Wetherspoon pubs?

They said: "Most of our pubs do not charge an entry fee at any time. On some occasions, we may charge – check in advance with the pub you wish to visit."