An Orpington primary school, where pupils "run into school", has been rated 'Good' by Ofsted.

Farnborough Primary School, located in Farnborough Hill, Orpington, was given a 'Good' rating in all areas following the Ofsted inspection on March 6.

This "welcoming and friendly" primary school forms part of the Nexus Education Schools Trust, teaching 217 students aged 5 to 11. 

In the report published on April 29, inspectors praised the school, saying: "Farnborough Primary School is a welcoming and friendly community. 

"From their first days in Reception, children learn how to share in their play and collaborate in their learning. 

"Pupils feel safe and are kept safe."

The watchdog said that parents and carers appreciate the "dedication" of the staff, and the pupils share this enthusiasm, feeling able to talk to an adult about any worries.

One parent told Ofsted "my child runs into school" as they are so happy to be there.

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Inspectors noted the "carefully considered" curriculum and the fostering of "positive attitudes" towards learning.

The Ofsted report said: "The school has high ambitions for its pupils, including the above-average proportion with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

However, inspectors did note some areas for improvement.

Ofsted found that "on occasion, some pupils are not learning knowledge as securely as the school intends".

The watchdog added: "The school should ensure that checks on pupils’ learning enable teachers to address identified gaps in pupils’ knowledge."

Despite this, the Ofsted report applauded the Orpington school's prioritisation of reading, highlighting that pupils often speak about "their love of books" and "story times in class".

Farnborough Primary School's phonics programme was another strong point with the staff "well-trained" to deliver the programme, and students falling behind offered "extra support".

The school was also praised for its focus on physical and mental health education, as well as its effort to instil respect in its pupils through teaching them about resource conservation and offering roles as 'Eco Councillors'.

Pupils are able to participate in a range of extracurricular activities, and their "wider health, well-being and character development" is prioritised by the school.

Overall, the Ofsted report said: "Staff are highly appreciative of the way that leaders provide them with ongoing support and opportunities to improve their teaching through professional development. 

"They are proud to work at Farnborough Primary School."