A craft beer festival featuring beers from the local area and beyond is coming to Dartford at the end of May.

Dartford's Central Park will host Craft Beer Folk's outdoor festival on May 17-19.

Showcasing local brews including Iron Pier, Bexley Brewery, Moot, and Dartford’s own No Frills Joe, the event promises an array of national beers too.

Festival-goers can also expect great food, including pizzas from Michelin Star-trained chef Christie's and Indo-Mauritian delicacies from Gajak.

The event will be replete with live music, completing a tempting blend of food, music, and beer.

This venture by Craft Beer Folk aims to celebrate the best of local craft beer culture, offering locals a chance to enjoy and try out new beers.

Tickets for the festivals are £10 per day and beer prices range from £5 to £7. You can find tickets on the Craft Beer Folk website.

Craft Beer Folk Founder David Leydon said: “CAMRA do a cracking job with their local beer festivals, but they’re often lacking the punchy craft beer we all crave, in fact many festivals do and without going to one of the large central London events it’s hard to find these beers on tap unless you’re lucky enough to have a great pub nearby.

“Sadly, I and loads of others don’t have that great pub, so that’s where Craft Beer Folk is going to step in.

“We’re going to bring fantastic beer to the people, to their local parks, and we’re going to do it in a festival setting so we can all enjoy the best beer in the best sunshine.”