If you have spotted the new Iceland advert starring none other than This Morning’s Josie Gibson over the past few days, you might have heard the TV presenter saying a tagline you don’t recognise – but why?

The 39-year-old who shot to fame after winning Big Brother in 2010 is now the new face of the supermarket after signing a 12-month deal, and will also feature in summer and Christmas seasonal executions.

But it’s not the only change for the frozen food shop, as this campaign has debuted its new strapline ‘that's why we go to Iceland’.

Many will be quick to spot it’s an update on the famous ‘that’s why mums go to Iceland’ which was introduced in 2004 along with Kerry Katona fronting the ads.

Iceland first used the line to target a 'mums' audience in 1970, with the motto ‘mums love it’.

Speaking about the new slogan, Josie said: “I think the new tagline is great because Iceland is not just for mums. Even though mums love it, Iceland is for everybody,” reports The Guardian.

‘We men really didn't care to be honest’ – Iceland shoppers react to slogan change

But some shoppers, mainly those who are male have said they “didn’t really care” and “never once” did they think they weren’t welcome to shop at Iceland because of a “slogan about mums”.

In reaction to Iceland’s new strapline, one person posted on X, formerly Twitter: “Their slogan never bothered me, but in my generation it was Mums who did the vast majority of the shopping, just like my own mum did. I've been shopping at Iceland for over 30 years, as a married dad & as a single dad.”

"We men really didn't care to be honest,” wrote this customer.

Another added: “Been shoppping at Icelands for decades and never once did I think I wasn't included because of a slogan about mums.”

This account asked: “What's next? Nikes' "Just Do it." slogan can't be used anymore because it could also encourage people who thinks of committing a criminal act to just do it.”

Someone else commented: “Huh? I'm a single guy, it doesn't bother me, why would it.  Woke just hates everything that isn't them. Bore off with it.”

A man also tweeted: “I have almost always done family shopping, though not at Iceland.  Can’t say I am particularly offended though.”

But one woman shared: “Iceland drops the word ‘mums’ from its slogan because other people shop.

“A small thing in the scheme of things but part of the same trend of erasing any specific mention of women in favour of mentioning everyone.

“Meanwhile, mums will continue to be their biggest customers.”

This woman also said: “Oh dear! How to lose female customers….not a good plan!”

Meanwhile, this user queried: “Am I the only person who had no idea Iceland had a saying like that?”

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Richard Walker, executive chairman of Iceland Foods, said: “With her famous warmth and positivity, Josie is the perfect person to encapsulate the friendly welcome all our customers receive at Iceland and we’re delighted to have her onboard.

“Iceland’s always been number one with mums and our new campaign celebrates our growing customer base, from across all aspects of the great British public.

“We’re excited to be working with Josie and can’t wait to see the great things we’ll do together to show that’s why we go to Iceland.”