A Brockley primary school where “everyone is welcome” and staff feel valued has been rated as outstanding by Ofsted.

John Stainer Community Primary School, based on Mantle Road, was last inspected on February 6 and 7, 2024.

The report was then published on March 19, 2024.

Ofsted describes this school as “exceptional” and found that pupils love going there.

Inspectors reported that “staff are rightly proud to work here and are determined that all pupils be supported to achieve their very best”.

It is described as having an “inclusive” atmosphere and being a place where “everyone is welcome”.

Behaviour is recognised by Ofsted as “excellent”, and pupils showed inspectors that they respect each other.

Pupils were reported to be kind children who do not tolerate bullying and they know a member of staff will help them if they are worried about anything.

Ofsted reported that there are high expectations in place for what pupils should achieve, which includes those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

The curriculum here was found to be “ambitious and interesting”.

As a result of teachers identifying and sequencing the knowledge and skills that pupil’s need, they were found to develop a “deep body of knowledge” across subjects which then helps them to tackle “more complex learning”.

Inspectors added that John Stainer Community Primary School “provides pupils with a wealth of opportunities to deepen their learning and develop their character”.

Leaders at this school are found to have invested in training for all staff to make sure they can accommodate the growing number of pupils with SEND.

Ofsted outlined that attendance and punctuality remain high and pupils get involved by becoming “attendance advocates”.

In lessons, inspectors found pupils to be “calm and sensible” because of clear routines set out and consistently applied.

Leadership is described by Ofsted as “exceptional” and leaders work “tirelessly” to make sure the school keeps improving.

Staff told Ofsted that they feel “cared for, listened to and valued”.

They know their workload and well-being are important priorities for leaders.

The News Shopper has reached out to John Stainer Community Primary School for a comment.