Bromley's Anglesey Arms has welcomed a new owner – with the promise to keep up the pub's amazing reputation whilst giving the venue a new lease of life.

31-year-old Piers Hurn-Torr took over the reins on February 22 and has had ten years of experience managing pubs, but this is his first venture as a landlord.

His decision to take over the Anglesey Arms was spurred by the fact that it was one of Piers' locals.

He recognised its potential and was drawn in by its solid reputation, cosy ambience, and loyal clientele.

The pub turns 150 years old next year and has plenty of history behind it.

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Piers told the News Shopper: “It's just a really lovely pub with loads of potential and lots of lovely regulars and fantastic pub garden.

“Generally, everyone has said they like seeing a fresh face behind the bar - someone young and has got a bit of ambition and aspiration.

“The pub is quite reasonably old fashioned and I just want to give it a little bit of a lease of life.”

Piers said that the previous owners, who ran the pub for nearly a decade, have given him valuable insights and supported him during the handover process.

The staff have also mostly stayed on at the pub during the transfer and Piers describes them as “invaluable”:

He added: “The girls stayed, and they're absolutely brilliant. Honestly, they've been saviours, especially on the opening night because I would have been completely lost without two girls that were working.

“I'm ever so grateful. They are something that I have inherited who are just invaluable.”

He said that regulars and newcomers alike have welcomed his fresh approach, appreciating his ambition to enhance the pub's offerings while preserving its cherished traditions.

In the future Piers plans to expand the culinary offerings, whilst still aiming to provide the famed Sunday roasts, which the Anglesey Arms was renowned for under its previous management.

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He added: “They had a fantastic reputation for their roasts to the point where they had few celebrity visits.

“My main job at the moment has been to take that over as best as I possibly can and keep that standard.”

He aims to diversify the menu, introducing themed nights like Curry Night offering more food midweek, and exploring possibilities for outdoor events in the expansive garden.

Piers sings the praises of the beer garden which “is a massive sun catcher” and explains that there is potential expansion in the garages outside at the back.

The Anglesey Arms is more than just a business venture for Piers, it's a family affair.

His mum and brother, Diana Hurn and Toby Hurn-Torr, are going to work in the kitchen at the venue and are excited to expand the food offerings.

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Looking ahead, Piers is optimistic about the pub's future, with plans to host various events, including everything from quiz nights to wine tastings to further enrich the pub experience.

With his commitment to maintaining community spirit, the Anglesey Arms is poised to continue its legacy as a cherished local institution for years to come.