The postcodes with worst drivers in the Bromley borough have been revealed as DVLA data shows the total combined penalty points across the areas.

With 264,109 licensed drivers in Bromley, the stats unveiled some interesting trends across the various postcodes.


Here is a breakdown of the post codes in Bromley borough and the total amount of points.

BR1 Postcode: Bromley

Total licences: 49,923

Total points: 2,988


The BR1 postcode area in Bromley has the highest number of driving licences and accumulated points. With close to 50,000 licenses, the area showcases significant use of vehicles.

BR3 Postcode: Beckenham

Total licences: 41,901

Total points: 1,893


Beckenham's BR3 postcode exhibits a slightly lower number of driving licences but still maintains a significant presence on the roads.

BR2 Postcode:

Bromley Total licences: 40,923

Total points: 1,910


The BR2 postcode has just over 1,900 points accumulated so drivers in this area also exhibit relatively responsible behaviour.

BR6 Postcode: Orpington

Total licences: 40,715

Total points: 1,729


Moving towards Orpington, the BR6 postcode showcases a significant number of driving licences, indicating active road usage. Despite this, the accumulation of approximately 1,700 points suggests a relatively lower incidence of traffic violations compared to neighbouring areas.

BR5 Postcode: Orpington

Total licences: 38,656

Total points: 2,022

The BR5 postcode in Orpington presents a slightly different scenario with a comparable number of licences but a higher accumulation of points. With over 2,000 points recorded, it is clear that this area has increased traffic violations.


BR8 Postcode: Swanley

Total licences: 19,253

Total points: 1,211

Moving towards Swanley, the BR8 postcode area exhibits a lower number of driving licences compared to Bromley and Orpington. Despite this, the accumulation of over 1,200 points suggests a notable presence of traffic violations.


BR4 Postcode: West Wickham

Total licences: 16,878

Total points: 724

West Wickham's BR4 postcode portrays a relatively lower number of driving licences and accumulated points compared to neighbouring areas. With just over 700 points recorded, drivers in this area appear to demonstrate better adherence to traffic regulations.


BR7 Postcode: Chislehurst

Total licences: 15,860

Total points: 909

Lastly, the BR7 postcode in Chislehurst presents a similar pattern to BR4, with a lower number of licences and accumulated points. Despite this, the presence of nearly 1,000 points indicates room for improvement in driving behaviours.