London has been named as one of the best cities in Britain after being scored across a range of categories.

The data was collected by the Telegraph and it gives each British city a number of points to rank them from “best to worst”.

In order to rate the cities from 0-100, the data has been broken down into four categories: hospitality and amenities; culture and heritage; nature and green spaces; and transport.

These points are then added together to give each city an overall rating out of 400.

London was placed as eleventh out of 69 total cities.

The category it performed best in was culture and heritage, for which it was rated 67.

It was also rated highly for transport an amenities with 56 points and the city was given 46 points for transport.

Its lowest scoring category was nature and green spaces with only 34 points.

In total, London scored 203 points.

The city that scored the most highly was Bath with 248 points.

It was given 69 for both hospitality and amenities and culture and heritage points.

For transport, it was given 62 points and for nature and green spaces it was given 48.

Following Bath was Wells, Bristol, Oxford and Edinburgh.

The lowest rated city was Carlisle with a total score of 43.

It is closely followed by Wakefield, Bradford, and St Asaph which all scored in the 60s in total.