There is no denying that us south Londoners love a night out at our local Wetherspoons pub.

In 2022, the popular chain revealed that five of its popular pubs across south London were up for sale.

These were the Wrong Un in Bexleyheath, the Bankers Draft in Eltham, the Asparagus in Battersea, the Capitol in Forest Hill, and the Foxley Hatch in Purley.

Three out of the five permanently closed its doors a year after the chain announcing its sales.

The Bankers Draft closed on August 20, the Capitol shut on October 15 and Foxley Hatch closed on December 3.

At the start of 2024, the Asparagus and the Wrong Un were the only two of the five left open.

The Asparagus was the first south London Wetherspoons to close in 2024 on March 17.

The Wrong Un is the last Wetherspoons to remain open out of the original five that were put up for sale.

An offer has been made for the Bexleyheath pub however it will continue to trade as normal until a deal goes through.

Despite the offer being made, other proposals are still welcome, according to the JW Disposals website.