If you’re like me and love fashion but don’t always love the price tags that come along with it, get ready to meet ASOS’s exclusive sale.

The huge online retailer occasionally hosts a Sample Sale, allowing customers to grab heavily discounted items.

Sample Sales were created to help eliminate items that had been used as samples for manufacturers or models but have also allowed excessive stock to be moved along.

Whilst a sample sale might not be the dream for those who like their fashion to be ‘on trend’, for someone like myself who buys what they like over trends, a sample sale is a dream, especially when you find a genuine bargain.

The ASOS sample sale is relatively new to the retailer and many shoppers have yet to discover the wonders and deals that behold.

News Shopper: The Lola May dress.The Lola May dress. (Image: Newsquest)

As the sales don’t have set dates, I was one of many waiting to get the email so I could try out the ASOS sample sale, then one cold morning, I finally did and it was worth every penny.

How I bought a designer bag for £10 on ASOS’s sample sale

Heading to the ASOS sample sale, I kept in mind to only get items that I think are genuine bargains.

First looking at clothing, although I saw the alert email soon after the sale had started, many of the best deals had already sold out.

Taking into account just how much of a rush the ASOS sale is, I quickly filtered down the specifics so I could focus on the items available in my size.

Scanning every item that came across my screen, I eventually found two clothing pieces that I liked and thought were a good price.

I added a Lola May satin dress for £3 seeing an estimated saving of around £19 compared to the dress's average price of £22.

News Shopper: The Miss Selfridge jumper.The Miss Selfridge jumper. (Image: Newsquest)

Along with a Miss Selfridge jumper for £5 making an estimated saving of £20 as most Miss Selfridge jumpers priced at around £25.

With my new clothing in the shopping basket, I headed for my favourite accessory, a gorgeous new bag.

The bag listings on the ASOS Sample Sale were limited by the time I reached the area of the website, but the bags on sale were mighty and a great price.

Amongst the everyday leather looks, I found a bag that can only be described as a noughties teenage girl's dream handbag, and it was designer.

Designed by Glynit, the curved iridescent green bag has a retail price of £89, but I was lucky enough to grab it for just £10!

News Shopper: The Glynit bag.The Glynit bag. (Image: Newsquest)

I’d been eyeing up a bag or two from Glynit for a while and although I do love a new accessory, I wasn’t ready to commit upwards of £80 to one.

Lucky for me, ASOS’s sample sale allowed me to grab one of Glynit’s Popi handbags for a massive £79 saving.

While I won't go into much detail about if I like the individual items, I will say that I do now have a new favourite jumper and handbag that will become a staple of my wardrobe. 

You can access the ASOS sample sale via the website.

Is ASOS’s sample sale any good?

To keep the answer short, yes.

Aside from the sale feeling like a mad rush to get the best deals, the prices ASOS mark items at do feel like a bargain.

Although you have to scour the website, once you find something that feels like a steal, the chances are, it probably is.

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Away from questioning whether the ASOS sample sale is any good, it’s also important to discuss delivery.

Unlike the normal online buying experience of ASOS where you can decide how quick delivery will be, the sample sale tells you to expect delivery between five to seven working days.

Though it might vary between buyers, I was able to get my parcel exactly a week after the day I made the order.

So, you might not be able to expect the swift next-day delivery of regular ASOS, but you can expect to get great items at great prices.