Roads across Bromley will be closed to traffic during one weekend in June to make room for street parties. 

Bromley roads will be taken over by The Big Lunch celebration – happening on Saturday, June 1,  and Saturday, June 2, 2024.

The Big Lunch brings together millions of people across the UK each year, fostering friendships and creating friendlier, safer communities by hosting family-friendly street parties.

The closures will only apply on the Saturday and Sunday, and will be indicated by traffic signs, as outlined on the Public Notice Portal.

Nothing in this Order shall prevent pedestrian access at any time.

Access to homes will be maintained as far as is practicable from either side of the closure as appropriate.

Emergency access will be always maintained.

On Saturday, June 1, the following roads will be closed to traffic at the times below:

Beckenham Town & Copers Cope

Chancery Lane - for its entire length: From 11am - 11pm

Downs Road - for its entire length: From 12 noon - 10pm

Foxgrove Avenue - from No.8 to No.19: From 1 pm - 4pm

Limes Road - from No.1 to No.43: From 11am - 11pm

Stumps Hill Lane - from No.2 to No.16: From 11am - 8pm

Bicklev & Sundridge

Beechfield Road - from No.15 to No.5: From 12 noon - 9pm

Ferndale - from No.1 to No.19: From 11am - Midnight

Bromley Common & Holwood

Pope Road - from No.1 to No.32d: From 10am - 9pm

Sunray Avenue - from No.62 to No.68: From 12 noon - Midnight

Clock House

Cedars Road - from No.1 to No.55: From 9am - 9pm

Chaffinch Road - from No. 53 to No.101: From 11am - 11pm

Clement Road - from its junction with Churchfields Road to its junction with Villiers Road: From 12.30pm - 9.30pm

St. James's Avenue - from No.72 to No.100: From 2pm - Midnight

Westbury Road - from No.10 to No.34: From 11am - Midnight

Crystal Palace and Anerley

Patterson Road - from No.25 to No.43: From 8am - Midnight


Blackness Lane - from its junction with Kimberley Business Park to its junction with Orchard Place: From 1pm - 7pm

Farnborough & Crofton

Nuffield Way - from No.13 Nuffield Way to the boundary with No.24 Mere Close: From 1pm - 11pm

Hayes & Coney Hall

Commonside - for its entire length: From 12noon - 6pm

Kelsey & Eden Park

Oakfield Gardens - for its entire length: From 2pm - 8.30pm

Whitmore Road - from No.1 to No.60 Whitmore Road: From 7am - Midnight

Penge and Cator

Woodbastwick Road - from its junction with Bertie Road to its junction with Kent House Road: From 9am - Midnight


Avondale Road - from No.35 to No.77: From 10.30am - 8.30pm

Shortlands & Park Langley

Madeira Avenue - from No.15 to No.124: From 11am - 11pm

Meadow Road - from No.19 to No.27: From 1 pm - 4pm

St Mary Cray

Sefton Road - from No.12 to No.25: From 12 noon - Midnight

The following road will be closed to through traffic at the times below on Sunday June 2, 2024:

Bromley Town

Forde Avenue - from No.1 to No.50: From 12 noon - 6pm

The Chase - from No.1 to No.65: From 8am - 10pm


Warren Avenue - from No.1 to No.14: From 9am - 9pm


Sandy Ridge - from No.23 to No.33: From 10am - 9pm

Clock House

Clock House Road - from its junction with Queens Road to its junction with Cedars Road: From 10am - 8pm

Clock House Road - from No.154 Clock House Road to its junction with Cromwell Road: From 12 noon - 10pm

Tremaine Road - from No.5 to No.83: From 7am - 10.30pm

Hayes & Coney Hall

George Lane - from No.34 to No.64: From 11am - 6pm

Ridgeway - from its junction with The Knoll to its junction with Hayes Gardens: From 12 noon - 7pm

Kelsey & Eden Park

Kenwood Drive - from No.69 to No.79: From 11am - 9.30pm

Penge & Cator

Aldersmead Road - from No.7 to No.29: From 12 noon - 8pm

Kenilworth Road - for its entire length: From 10am - 5.30pm

Woodbastwick Road - from its junction with Bertie Road to its junction with Kent House Road: From 9am - Midnight

Shortlands & Park Langley

Overhill Way - from No.1 to No.56: From 10am - 10pm

St Paul's Cray

Pleasance Road - from No.1 to No.14: 2pm - 6pm

West Wickham

Langley Way - for its entire length From 11am - 5pm Links Road - for its entire length: From 10am - 8pm

The Drive - from No.17 to No.21: From 12 noon - 8pm

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