London has been rated as the worst city in the UK for a night out due to costly pints and hotel stays.

Research conducted by Bonus Finder ranked cities on factors such as average pint price, hotel costs and the number of pubs, nightclubs and bars per 10,000 residents.

Sadly, out of the nation's 50 largest cities, London was officially the worst 'party city'.

The capital's so-called 'party score', ranking nightlife on a scale from one to ten, was only a disappointing five.

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With the average pint costing nearly £7, and a night's hotel stay setting you back £209, party-goers might find that a night out in London is just too expensive.

The report said: "Despite the large plethora of pubs, clubs and bars across the city, [London] gained its bottom place due to its expensive costs, highlighting the grave effect of the cost-of-living crisis on the country’s nightlife economy."

Other cities sinking in the rankings include Bristol and Belfast, scoring 6.88 and 6.94 on the party scale respectively.

Fintan Costello, Founding Director of BonusFinder said: "Our study delivers a sobering revelation: London, Bristol, and Belfast languish at the bottom of the list.

"Despite their cultural prominence and histories, these cities clearly grapple with challenges ranging from exorbitant costs to a scarcity of nightlife venues in comparison to their population.

"The disparities among cities underscore the profound impact of the cost of living crisis on our nightlife economy."

Brighton, however, was ranked the UK's best city for a night out.

The seaside city scored an impressive ten on the party scale, boasting 8.49 bars and nightclubs and 24.46 pubs per 10,000 residents.

Other cities making the top 10 for great nights out include Newcastle, Doncaster, Chester, Aberdeen, York, Plymouth, Bath, Dundee, and Bradford.

These findings were based on the most recent population figures, with data sourcing from TripAdvisor, GettheData’s OpenPubs, and CAMRA’s for Northern Irish city pubs.

The average price of a pint was derived from Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index.