A new study has revealed the rudest regions in the UK and London has been named the second worst.

The study, created by language learning platform Preply, didn't just focus on politeness in behaviour but also language and how it's used in different regions.

While many of us would have been taught to be polite and to have good manners using our 'please' and 'thank you', sometimes manners can slip.

Using thousands of reviews on Tripadvisor that contained keywords relating to politeness and a city’s safety index and cleanliness score, Preply was able to find out which regions needed to clean up on their manners.

The study found that London is the second least polite city in the UK, achieving an underwhelming overall score of 6/30 in the study.

You can see the full study via the Preply website.

London named one of the rudest regions in the UK

You can see the full list of the UK's rudest regions and their scores below.

London had the lowest polite score out of all regions with a shocking 0/10 from just 4% of reviews for its hotels, landmarks and attractions featuring keywords relating to politeness, as well as a disappointing score of 1/10 for safety. 

But, the capital was not named the overall rudest, with the northern powerhouse of Manchester topping the list.

The region gained a very low score of 3.6/30, with a polite score of 1.5/10 for only 15% of Tripadvisor reviews praising its hotels, landmarks and attractions for their politeness. 

Plus, Manchester also achieved the second-lowest safety index score in the report at just 0.6/10, and the fourth-lowest cleanliness score at 1.5/10.


London is no longer the most popular city in the UK

Below London was the north east spot of Sunderland in third, walking away with a score of 8.6/30 in total.

But interestingly, the city scored highly when it came to politeness alone (7/10) as 34% of reviews analysed featured polite keywords.

However, the overall score was dragged down by a less impressive score of 0.6/10 for safety and 1/10 for cleanliness.