Located in the heart of Camden, just five minutes from Camden Town Underground Station, Made in Brasil is a vibrant culinary oasis that transports diners to the lively streets of Brazil with its authentic flavours and lively ambiance.

I was fortunate to visit this popular restaurant at the weekend with my parents, where we enjoyed traditional cocktails, delicious food, and got lost in the pulsating beats of samba.

The décor at Made in Brasil is a lively homage to Brazilian culture, with colourful murals adorning the walls and eclectic furnishings that exude a laid-back, tropical vibe.

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Whether you choose to sit indoors surrounded by the bustling energy of the restaurant or opt for a table on the outdoor terrace, you're instantly immersed in the spirit of Brazil.

Obviously, we had to try the classic caipirinha cocktails as our drinks of choice – my mum had the strawberry flavour while I had the passion fruit – both were tangy, tasty, and full of cachaça.

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We started our meal with some starters to share – the Pão de queijo (Brazilian mini cheese breads), the iconic Coxinha (crispy golden croquettes filled with savoury chicken and cheese), the Camarão alho e pimenta (pan fried garlic and chilli tiger prawns) and the Bolinhos de bacalhau (mini salt cod fishcakes).

Each dish was priced between £5-£9, and was delicious, tender, and full of flavour – the Coxinha’s were my personal favourite as the chicken practically melted in my mouth.

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For mains, I indulged in the classic Brazilian dish Espetinhos (chicken skewers), which was served with brown bean stew, steamed rice, sauteed Collard greens, farofa and vinaigrette - this was priced at a reasonable £15.

The tender, smoky chicken skewers paired perfectly with the hearty brown bean stew and fluffy steamed rice – I would eat this again in a heartbeat.

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As recommended by our lovely waitress for the evening, my dad enjoyed the Churrasco Misto Grilled Picanha – which is essentially a Brazilian twist on a classic mixed grill – this was priced at £18.50 and is the ideal choice for any meat lovers.

News Shopper: The service at Made in Brasil was as warm and inviting as the atmosphere, with attentive staff who are passionate about sharing their love for Brazilian cuisine with every guest.

Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or new to Brazilian food, they are always on hand to offer recommendations and ensure a memorable dining experience.

With relatively affordable prices, an authentic taste of Brazil, and it’s flavourful cuisine, it's no wonder that Made in Brasil has become a beloved destination for food lovers seeking a taste of Brazil in London.